best in ear headphones
Personally, either the best earphones or the best headphones or earplugs fair, devices of a person like me can not do without! I refuse to step outside my house without my ears to have them as the company! The reason is that these headphones are very comfortable, functional, cool and handy to carry to different places. In case if you have a music player or a gadget to play, the headphones are a good companion to keep by your side. Perhaps, if you relax at home very often, you can use to connect to your home theater system, or a PC for gaming or watching movies. Speaking from their places of applications like call centers and the use of radio jockeys em too. So for a comfortable and cheap range may have to do some research to buy the best headphones out on the market, perhaps the best headphones under $ 100 should be good. With these reviews below, I assure you will not have complaints and compromises on quality and sound.

best in ear headphones

Sennheiser CX300: Pouring the music in the ears

These intra-aural headphones look ordinary in their blister something indescribable, but the CX300 is a credit to its creator German. The game comes with minimal accessories: three sets of flexible adapters in different sizes for optimal coupling with their ears. Choose what use is an important step to ensure that you get optimum performance without discomfort.

The transducers are very compact and easy to insert, not too deep in the ear canal. Removing and replacing them - if you try to communicate with people around you, for example - it's quick and easy. However, to achieve good acoustic coupling is not difficult. Those are positives for everyday use, although there is no compensation in the form of sound insulation somewhat reduced. The cable is quite short, making it ideal for use with a portable player that you carry on your person. For use with stationary or with the player sitting in one area or another will have to consider getting an extension cord to avoid moving too far and suddenly pulling the tips of his ears, which can be unpleasant uncomfortable.

Koss KSC75: Softness and nuances

The Koss KSC75 is a model of ear-clip that uses the same basic approach (open supra-aural) as the famous Portapres, which Koss had more or less a standard of quality mobile handsets. Here, the band has been removed in favor of a simple ear clip, and the result is a set of headphones that are not bulky, very light and very comfortable. In practice, the KSC75s can be put in an instant and safe for putting in the ear wrong. The pressure in the ear is virtually zero, but so is the sound insulation. We do not expect to reduce ambient noise so you can get lost in music! The other side of the coin is that it is easy to forget you're wearing them because the sound stage seems unperturbed. The lack of isolation is very nice, if not in noisy environments. If this is not the case, this combination does not fit your needs very well. The cable is of medium length, well suited for use with a portable, and terminates in a gold-plated 3.5 mm mini-plug angle.

Sennheiser PX 100: Classic inefficient

The PX100 is part of the PX series, which includes some very good models I've tried in the past. The PX series is a set of traditional headband headset with a folding belt designed for use in the march. Comes with a safe in books and not at all bulky, so it is easy to transport without risk of breakage. Light and very comfortable to wear, which is at the top of your ears, and achieves a good fit without difficulty. Unlike other PX Series models I tested, these headphones are of open type, and thus provide little sound insulation.

Sony MDR-V500DJ: for professionals

The V500DJ Sony is professional looking and its priority is the pros and DJs who need to control the sound produced in an environment that can be noisy. It's a closed headphone, and allows a certain level of sound insulation. Naturally, you should be realistic about the possibilities - the isolation is relatively mild and mainly affects the midrange and treble. Therefore not be effective against the noise of trains, metros and buses, for example. When folded, the phones are not too big to carry everywhere. Swivel to allow headsets have a cup that turned so you can listen with one ear (a technique used by DJs and remix). Headphones rugged appearance, which is indispensable for the application! Technically, this is really more of a circum-aural agreement provided that the supra-aural, as Sony calls it. The phones have a coiled cord, which is good for professional applications, but not so good for portable use!

best in ear headphones


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